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Save Keyboard Layout in title

12Ghosts Save Layout 21
Size: -
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A+ Keyboard Layout APL Keyboard Layouts.
Size: 248 KB
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keyboard Layout Keyboard Layout idump for mac  
Keyboard Layout Creator Define your own keyboard layout for languages Windows doesn't support.
Size: 100K
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Save Keyboard Layout Keyboard Layout Saver  
Kamban Keyboard Layout A useful addition to the language sets installed on your PC
Size: 510 KB
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keyboard addition Layout Tamil Keyboard Layout  
Ogham Keyboard Layout Enter Ogham text in Windows
Size: 253 KB
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keyboard Layout enter text Keyboard Layout Ogham font Ogham  
Typography Keyboard Layout A simple, yet useful tool that lets you enter characters that are usually unavailable on a keyboard with ease
Size: 257 KB
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keyboard Layout Keyboard Layout create keyboard characters  

Save Keyboard Layout in tags

KLay Keyboard Layout Keeper for multilingual instant messaging
Size: 100 KB
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keyboard name keeper keeper Keyboard Layout Keeper  
Keyboard Layout Manager Keyboard(s) layout modification and generation for Windows.
Size: 405 KB
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manager keyboard create calendar layout  
Keystroke Converter Enables you to specify one key to launch your web browser, a program or a certain folder.
Size: 788 KB
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customize manager Desktop Keyboard polyphonic Keyboard  
Key Transformation A handy software that can extend your keyboard's functions
Size: 788 KB
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customize Desktop Keyboard polyphonic Keyboard keyboard  
LayoutFix Typing the text you have forgotten to switch keyboard layout? layout corrector!
Size: 157 KB
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convert translate tool Convert Text create calendar layout  
Time Fencer 100 Licenses Key Transformation can customize your keyboard layout, change any key on the keyboard to other keys. Its on-screen-keyboard...
Size: Evaluation
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Desktop Keyboard polyphonic Keyboard keyboard  

Save Keyboard Layout in description

Mizo Keyboard layout (Standard) This software provides you the best way to get Mizo Standard Unicode Keyboard layout. After installing it, the new layout is added to the list of available keyboard layouts. Even you can set Mizo Stan...
Size: -
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Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator Ever wanted to quickly and easily define your own Keyboard layout for a language Microsoft doesn't support? Or define your own keyboard layout so you can quickly and easily enter your favorite symbols...
Size: 10.1 MB
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Creator Desktop Keyboard keyboard Keyboard Layout Keeper  
Russian Lingo Russian Lingo is a russian Keyboard layout,mnemonic keyboard layout. Windows come with standard Russian keyboard layout and with Russian typewriter keyboard layout. This is great for me, but not for m...
Size: 45 KB
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keyboard Russian typewriter Keyboard Layout  
Bulgarian Phonetic Keyboard Layout This software provides you the easiest way of getting Bulgarian phonetic Keyboard layout. After installing it, the new layout is added to the list of available keyboard layouts. Next, you can choose t...
Size: 65.3k
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apply automatic layout Phonetic Pattern Phonetic  
Infine Keyboard Commander Hate standard Keyboard layout. Want your keyboard more fit for you finger. Infine Keyboard Commander can help you change your keyboard. You can use it to customize your keyboard layout, redefine any k...
Size: 1000 KB
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keyboard Changer key Layout Extract Key Root key  
DE-US From Renaissance-Seamstress : DE-US package includes a German Keyboard layout for US keyboards. The included keyboard layout will allow you to type the characters R from your US keyboard without us...
Size: 159.39K
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Keyboard Layout Keeper Save Keyboard Layout